Here at The Dock, we offer classes to suit all levels from beginners to the more experienced.

Vinyasa 1

Build the foundations, the right way.

Vinyasa 2

Transition from Vinyasa 1 with more dynamic flow.


A restorative, slower-moving, relaxing style.

Aerial Yoga

Yoga in a suspended aerial hammock.



We believe yoga is for everyone and give you a warm welcome to start your yoga journey. We want your experience to be easy and comfortable so here are our top suggestions if you are new.


We recommend that you start with a Vinyasa 1 class if you are brand new or want to learn or review the foundations of the poses.  In this class, we will keep it slow and break everything down for you.  Each class will have a different focus to set you up to practice safely.  Yin Yoga and Meditation are also great classes if you are new to yoga or jump right in with a Vinyasa 2 class. 


Aim to arrive early. The Studio is open 30 minutes before class starts so you can have plenty of time to get shown around the space and feel settled. The doors will be closed once the class starts.


Try not to eat directly before class as it can feel uncomfortable to move your body on a full stomach. We also recommend arriving hydrated before class. 


We have yoga mats at the studio to use free of charge but if you have your own and want to use it, bring it along.



Wear comfortable clothes that you can move freely in and that you would be okay to sweat in. 

Bring your own water bottle – you can fill it up at our studio with our filtered water.

If you have your own mat and want to use it, bring it, otherwise you can use our mats at no extra cost.


We have lockers with keys to store any belongings in during class. 

Practicing Aerial Yoga?

Please wear socks and a top that has sleeves and don't wear any clothes that have zips or buckles on them as they can damage the fabric of the aerial hammocks.


Practicing Vinyasa 1 or 2?

We practice Vinyasa yoga barefoot so leave your shoes and socks in the locker area. Our practice space is a phone-free space, so keep your phone switched off in the locker area too. 



Check out our pricing options below.

Our Values
2 Week Intro Offer

A pass that allows you to say hello. Two weeks of unlimited classes for new clients only. Buy now and activates the date of your first class.

Our Values

Yoga for one class, one time.

Our Values
10 Class Pass

10 classes for those practicing about one to three times a week. Expires in 3 months.

Our Values
Weekly Membership
$32 (pw)

Enjoy unlimited classes each week with a 12 week contract.

Our Values
Gift Vouchers
$22 - $169

Give the gift of Yoga to someone you love.