1 May 2022

$39 (Free for Members)

Sunday Sound Bath

Sunset Yoga

Sunday Sound Bath is back in May!

Have you ever felt an upbeat song lift your spirits or a tragic ballad bring you to tears? Perhaps hearing a nostalgic anthem transports you back in time or triggers certain memories? On the contrary, have  you had a car horn make you jump or a siren make you cringe and block your ears?

We are energetic beings surrounded by different sounds, noises and vibrations on a daily basis, but how often do we consider their effect on our mental, physical, emotional and spiritual bodies?

Join William for an immersive experience that will calm your nervous system, balance your energy and help you sink into a deep state of rest. Drawing on the science, spirituality and ancient healing practices of sound  and vibration, he will use a combination of Tibetan bowls, crystal bowls, shamanic drum, chimes and various other instruments to help bring the physical and subtle bodies back into harmonious alignment.

These sessions are designed to return you to a default state of being and facilitate your own innate healing capacity.

FREE for Direct Debit Members.

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